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Nov. 6, 2022

137. Understanding Medical Debt and How to Pay Less with Dr. Virgie Ellington

137. Understanding Medical Debt and How to Pay Less with Dr. Virgie Ellington

Join Mike Cavaggioni with Dr. Virgie Bright Ellington on the 137th episode of the Average Joe Finances Podcast. Dr. Virgie shares some practical strategies in understanding complex medical procedures, avoiding financial devastation from medical bills, and encouraging effective communication with medical facilities and insurance companies.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Handling surprise charges on bills
  • Tips for negotiating medical debt
  • Getting medical debt off our credit report
  • What to do when private insurance won’t cover certain costs
  • And so much more!

About Dr. Virgie:

Virgie Bright Ellington, MD, is an internal medicine physician and medical billing expert. A dedicated patient advocate, Dr. Virgie earned her degree at the University of Michigan Medical School and trained at the Cambridge Hospital of Harvard Medical School.

After practicing more than 20 years in primary care and psychiatric settings and as a health insurance executive, Dr. Virgie now helps patients understand complex medical procedures, communicate effectively with their healthcare providers, and avoid financial devastation from crushing medical bills through her What Your Doctor Wants You to Know series.

She is the author of "What Your Doctor Wants You to Know to CRUSH MEDICAL DEBT" and the host of the weekly "Ask a Doctor - What Your Doctor Wants You to Know with Dr. Virgie" show on the VoiceAmerica radio network.

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