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Nov. 15, 2020

19. Short Term Rentals with Erik Engebretson

19. Short Term Rentals with Erik Engebretson

In this episode we interview Erik Engebretson. Erik explains how he built his partnership and his real estate portfolio of 50/50 short-term and traditional rental properties. By short-term rentals, we aren’t talking AirBnB or Vacation Rentals… We are talking about one to six-month rentals. We also covered finding that work-life balance on your financial freedom journey. Don't miss out!

Erik Engebretson is the founder and CEO of EME Companies.  Erik is an entrepreneur, real estate investor and expert in real estate finance. He has been investing in real estate since the age of 18. Erik owns and manages two real estate portfolios. Both are a 50/50 mix of short term furnished and traditional buy and hold rentals. Erik is also part owner and CFO for Guild Dream Homes, which is a fix and flip business. Along with being a full-time real estate investor, he has also worked as a mortgage banker/loan officer for ten years. Erik has a bachelor’s degree in finance and he minored in accounting. As a loan officer he has assisted many first-time home buyers. Through all of these interactions he has learned the themes of what makes (or doesn’t) make people financially successful.

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