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March 28, 2021

37. Investing from Overseas with Daniel Mills

37. Investing from Overseas with Daniel Mills

Join Mike Cavaggioni and Daniel Mills as they talk about obtaining financial freedom from overseas. Daniel is a University professor in Japan, who has gone from being $15,000 in debt to building a Net worth of over one million dollars through index funds and extreme long distance real estate investing. Stay tuned! 

  • In this episode, you’ll learn: 
  • From being indebted to financial freedom
  • The importance of having multiple bank accounts
  • Pro’s and Con’s of investing in real estate while living abroad
  • Goals for Property/Market Selection 
  • And much more! 

About Daniel Mills

Growing up in southern California, Daniel saw his father grow a business that was profiting millions each year, only to see it later become liquidated. Daniel didn’t really think too much about money or growing his personal wealth until years later. After college, Daniel moved to Japan and became an English teacher making a salary of around $30,000 (USD) a year. He met his wife, settled down, and bought an apartment in an appreciating part of the city (contrary to many other parts of Japan). Daniel was saving around $1,000 a month, and realized he didn’t want to be making $30,000 a year forever. So, he started investing in index funds and stocks, which grew his net worth and allowed him to invest in other asset classes, like real estate. 

Daniel even shares a tax loophole that allowed him to write off 100% of his 6-figure income while he was in Japan (solely from real estate depreciation)!

Fast forward to today, Daniel has rental properties in Idaho, Alabama, and Tennessee with partners from Japan and the United States. Daniel agrees with many other real estate professionals in the fact that you need a tried and true team in cities where you’re investing. Living in Japan, he doesn’t have much to worry about in the US, thanks to his fantastic property managers, handymen, partners, lenders, and real estate agents. 

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