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April 11, 2021

39. From IRA's and Equities to Large Multi-Family Investments with Josh Plave

39. From IRA's and Equities to Large Multi-Family Investments with Josh Plave

Join Mike Cavaggioni on Episode 39 of the Average Joe Finances Podcast as he sits with Josh Plave to talk about the topic of turning funds From IRA's and Equities to Large Multifamily Investments. This episode highlights how IRAs and equities could be turned into investments that will change your family’s financial outlook in the future. From a personal experience of understanding how to value money, Josh Plave shares tips to help individuals choose multifamily family investments to secure their future. 
In this Episode, You’ll learn:
•What a self-directed IRA is 
•Why multifamily investment is the best choice for IRA and Equities investors 
•Understand the 75% leverage 
•How a multifamily investment is about controlling what can be controlled and the strategy of controlling it 
•How self-directed IRA could be invested in almost anything except for three particular restrictions, namely, (1) IRA cannot be invested in collectibles; (2) they cannot be invested in life insurance policies, and lastly (3) cannot be used to own shares in a corporation. With this said, Josh confirms that IRA can be invested virtually on anything. 
•And much more 

About Josh Plave 
 Josh Plave is the known founder of Wall to Main and is a full-time family investor. He started with his own family’s investment portfolio and helped other families make the same intelligent financial decision. He started in his journey as early as 16 years of age. He was inspired by his grandparents, who told him that securing his finances for the future is critical to leading a better life in the future. Now, at the age of 30, he continues to live with financial freedom, and he wants to share the same tips he learned through time to help others find better investment options for their IRAs and their equities. 

In his work, he highlights that being financially free comes from a person's willingness to find out what he can control and find a way to control these properties in the most efficient way possible. In his business, he continues to promote effective investment options through large multifamily real estate properties; this way, the investors do not invest in the properties but in the business and its assured growth. 

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