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May 23, 2021

45. Working from Home as a Virtual Assistant and Military Spouse with Kelly Madden

45. Working from Home as a Virtual Assistant and Military Spouse with Kelly Madden

Join Mike Cavaggioni and Kelly Madden on the 45th episode of the Average Joe Finances Podcast as they discuss the world of virtual assistants and working from home as a military spouse. Kelly Madden is an Air Force wife, a licensed realtor, and virtual assistant. Kelly aims to help fellow realtors and small business owners manage their administrative tasks to increase their bottom line and their time to do other jobs. She also serves as Active-Duty Passive Income’s Community Manager, providing customer support, resources, and helpful information to clients. Today, Kelly shares her story of being a stay-at-home mom, getting a real estate license, moving to Japan, and now working from home as a virtual assistant.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

● The advantages of working as a virtual assistant and how to get started.

● How networking is essential in starting an independent virtual assisting service.

● Why people outsource jobs and why freelancers and contractors deserve more recognition.

● The importance of consistency and support when working as an independent contractor.

● How you can work from home and the different ways you can get started, whether a military spouse or not.

● And much more!

About Kelly Madden:

Kelly Madden is a 14-year Air Force spouse, real estate agent, real estate investor, and virtual assistant. In 2007, Kelly graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology at North Carolina State University. Years later, she earned her master’s in education, majoring in Curriculum and Instruction at the American InterContinental University.

Before Active Duty Passive Income and her virtual assistant career, Kelly worked as a realtor at Kelly Williams Realty, assisting buyers and sellers in marketing and purchasing property for the best price and terms. However, in late 2019, she started her internship at ADPI and acted as ADPI’s blog coordinator in January the following year. Nowadays, Kelly serves as ADPI’s new Community Manager and offers independent virtual assistant services to fellow realtors and other business owners.

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