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Great money show!

I loved the interview with T.R. Smith. Great insights on making big profits. We need more of this.

Really really great show!

One of my favorites. Mike covers the full gambit of finance and investing, no matter what youre interested in. He leads a really good interview while also making things really entertaining.

Great Show, Great Guests

I love this show! Mike has the best advice and brings on the top industry leaders on the podcast. I always learn something new that helps me get ahead and make the smartest decisions possible. It’s a must listen!

Great personal finance content!

Thanks to mIke for putting together so much useful finance content. Learning from other people experiences is key!

Mike IS the Average Joe - Great Podcast

Great conversation with Mike about the Navy & Marines, how I got started investing and the mistakes we all make. A podcast for everyone!


I really enjoy your show, after listening to a few episodes I was totally hooked, it has great direction, it deals with very instructive and interesting topics. I really love this program!


One of my new fav podcasts!

Entertaining, insightful, and actionable! 🔥

No matter where you are in your career journey, this is a must-listen podcast for you! Mike does an incredible job leading conversations that cover a huge breadth of topics related to the ins and outs of financial independence with a variety of experts who bring so much experience and actionable insight to the table. Highly recommend listening and subscribing!

Practical and actionable!

This podcast makes financial independence and financial health super accessible. Really appreciate the way Mike approaches a variety of financial situations from an understanding yet realistic manner, with great advice that you can act upon right away!

Awesome Podcast! Mike puts a lot of time and effort into giving his listeners the quality they deserve! The variety of content covered on this podcast gives his listeners many options to start creating financial freedom.

Mike provides incredible life changing content in his podcast. Anyone can listen to this podcast and gain value from it. Highly recommend you add this to your weekly listening list.

What I enjoy most about this podcast is the likeability of the host and the breadth and depth of finance topics covered. Finance is one of those areas that can be a bit scary and confusing to those who do not work in the industry. Mike's program makes finance accessible to everyone and even interesting... which is no small feat. I highly recommend this podcast to you if you want to feel more confident about your finances and build wealth to protect your family's future.

Mike is a great host!

Mike had me on as a guest for his podcast, and I have to say it was a blast! He treats his guests with respect and does his research ahead of time. This allows him to get the best interview with his guest and the most value for his listeners. I highly recommend the Average Joe Finances podcast to all who wish to make better money decisions!

What can I say, I'm a little biased. I love my show! What I really love though, is interviewing awesome entrepreneurs that have started from nothing. That's what this podcast is all about. We have amazing guests with amazing stories. Hope everyone that listens really get's something out of the show that resonates with them.

Great Conversations!

Mike has really in-depth conversations with his guests. His interviewing style is really genuine and personal. It’s a great way to learn about the guests stories along with their takes on personal finance!

A Great Resource!

Mike does such a good job covering a variety of topics. The guests offer valuable insight as well. I would recommend this podcast to anyone looking to be inspired and informed!

Super Genuine

Mike is in the podcasting business to give back knowledge to people who need some tips. This podcast is for anyone hoping to up their business game!

Great resource!

Awesome podcast! Mike's podcast covers a variety of topics related to finances and real estate. The interview with Bernard Reisz was especially insightful with regards to investing with your retirement plan. I recommend this podcast to anyone looking for creative ways to invest and getting a control of your finances!

Great host!!!

Mike is one of the best hosts and all his episodes are loaded with tons of knowledge not only for beginners but also for experienced investors as well. If you are looking for top notch guests, content, and ideas, look no further than this show. Incredible value, thank you!

Mike crushes making understanding our finances so easy!!

I was lucky enough to run into Mike through Facebook...he told me about his podcast and I'm certainly ecstatic that I had that chance encounter because Mike's ability to breakdown complex finances and investing strategies in way a guy like me, an average joe, can understand, is amazing. I feel like I just saved a ton of money in having to pay commissions to a financial advisor by simply listening to Mike's incredibly informative podcast. If you are like me, a person who loves money but doesn't necessarily know how to invest or reduce yourself a favor and jump into this podcast. Thanks Mike!!

Incredible show and engaging host!!

Mike is the MAN! He is an excellent host and really dives into what makes successful people so successful. He always brings a fresh perspective to the audience and asks the questions that you are thinking in your head! Subscribe now because you don’t want to miss an episode!

Great variety - great host

I've come to really like this podcast. Great host with a good variety of guests.

Nothing Average!

There is nothing average about this podcast!!! Great content!!! Awesome guests!

Average Joe

This is one of my favorite podcasts!

so helpful and life changing!

I really enjoyed the episode with Cathleen about her journey to FIRE. She has some great tidbits of advice that I think can be useful to many people. I will certainly use some of them myself. Especially the tips to save while grocery shopping. This is an awesome podcast. I am catching up on the other episodes now. Subscribed!

Best Strategies to Beat Finances

Whether it’s about where to invest your money, or simply just how to be smarter with your money, this podcast is the place for you.

All Around Great Advice

Great podcast that has a vast variety of knowledge and shares it in an entertaining way. Great clients too

Best guests

Huge Simon Brady fan! But tbh, Sir Mike knows who to bring into the show. Killer stuff

Simple, Good conversation

The host ask the questions you would expect from an Average Joe. Relatable.

Great show!

I loved the episode with Simon Brady, he really knew his stuff!