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He knows what he's talking about

Average Joe Finances (aka Sir Mike) has been a helpful resource for me. I've known him from being in the military and he's helped me figure out financial tips and tricks I wouldn't have known if I did not listen to his podcast. Thanks for sharing your message across!

Simple and effective advice!

Average Joe’s financial advice is to the point for people that are not worth millions, but helps you get there! It is worth a listen!

Great Podcast and Really Helpful!

Mike’s podcasts have awesome guests full of experience and are great at putting the topics into the right perspective for us normal people out there just getting started on investing and building our future. Thanks!

Helpful resource for anyone!

This podcast is great because it covers a wide variety of topics while still honing in on the specific goals and action items to get started. Mike provides a lot of great insights. I'd recommend this to anyone looking for creative ways to invest and amp up their finances!


Always feel as though I am listening to someone who has been doing podcasting for decades and getting ever-green content as well.

Solid Information!! Well worth your time!!!

I’ve been listening to Mike for the past 6 months from July 2020 and the content has been fantastic. I highly recommend anyone who wants to learn how to save, make and keep their money to listen. IT IS WORTH YOUR TIME!!!

Informative & Insightful

Thoroughly enjoying Mike’s podcast! Really solid guests and thoughtful questions that lead to insightful conversation. Mike’s experience also lends well to taking the topic more in depth. Well done!

Great Podcast

Mike hosts a great show that truly brings value to the listener when it comes to investing, financial freedom, and mindset! He is someone who is taking action with real estate investing, and sharing his knowledge with others along the way. He's a down to earth guy with a great depth of knowledge in this space. Keep the episodes coming, love the podcast!

Great Content

Cav has talent and can break down the most complicated topic and make it easy to listen to. Thank you for the information. Keep doing great work and pushing information for others to learn.